Member Benefits

Return on Investment

The best investment that any company can make in developing their business is to expand its client base and connect with potential customers. The Fontana Chamber of Commerce offers a variety of programs that provide an excellent return on investment. For your membership investment, you receive the following, which include: 

Educational Outreach

Business seminars presented by top professionals provide our business owners tools to help develop their business.


Online Business Directory Listing
Business category
and address listing in the membership directory creates another opportunity to promote your business.
Membership Business Profile
Business profiles allow the member to advance their directory listing to higher level. Provides the member the ability to upload a logo, photo, video ,coupon and allows the member to retrieve a ROI report.
Membership Plaque

A display in your place of business beneficial for member to member discounts and to show your status within the community.


Cyber Tuesday
Educational courses
that provide a better understanding of social medias, file processing and other topics to help members understand the latest technology to become more effective.

Member Orientation/Open House 

Meeting providing members, new members and guest a better understanding of the Chambers ROI, benefits and tools offered to members.

Member to Member Discount

Encourages membership to do business with members by providing a discount a product or service.


Mentor Program

Ambassadors are assigned the role to serve as a mentor each month to new members and anniversaries. Program allows Ambassador to welcome and inform the member on important information.

New Member Spotlight
Every new member's profile is published in the Fontana Herald News .


Events and Mixers
Throughout the year the Chamber provides a variety of events in which you can participate and create new connections and business opportunities within the community. We encourage members to host events together with the Chamber.


Committee Involvement 

Committees provide members an opportunity to expand their community and Chamber involvement by creating lasting business relationships/networks.


Social Media 

Social Media play an important role in communicating important information to not only members but the community. Members are welcome to post their upcoming events on our social networks.

Mobile App  

We’re mobile and on the go when it comes to our website. We provide all our website information on your smart mobile device to make it easier to view and access.


(Service Corps of Retried Executives) & (Small Business Development Counselors) 

A non-profit organization who provide a public service to small business with advice and training. Volunteers prepare business for success with guidance on creating/strengthening their business and marketing plan.