Educational Outreach

Best B.E.T. Committee of the Fontana Chamber of Commerce Presents


Best B.E.T. (Business and Education Together)



To: All teachers, Principles of K-12 schools of the FUSD


This year the Fontana Area Chamber of Commerce, through the Best BET Education Committee, will once again award Mini-Grants to teachers, who apply, in all public schools in the Fontana Unified School District. The program includes all K-12 grade teachers.


The intent of the Best BET program is to assist teachers in meeting some of the needs for funding instructional activities outside the usual FUSD budgeting process, to enhance learning opportunities.


The Best BET Education Committee is composed of business and professional people, service club members, and Chamber Board members who donate their time to organize, arrange funding, and assist in the selection and distribution of the Mini-Grants. Over the last eight years, the program has contributed more than $140,000 directly to Fontana teachers. Learning Plus Associates (LPA) is the Chamber’s major source of funding for this program.


Applications for grants up to $200 per teacher will be considered. Teachers are encouraged to collaborate in writing the grant proposals. An example would be three (3) teachers writing a grant proposal for an amount up to $600. This year the Committee has established the maximum number of teachers on one project/request be limited to four (4).The application is attached to this cover page. Any application with a request for funding above and beyond these guidelines may be ruled ineligible by the Judging Committee. The appropriateness of the grant request will be implied by the school principal’s signature sign-off.


Each application must address one or more of the following elements:

·         Enrichment of the curriculum

·         Promotion of student self-esteem

·         Promotion of student learning through involvement in areas such as:

·         Activities that teach critical thinking skills & concepts

o   Activities that emphasize problem solving

o   Activities that stimulate development of employable skills

o   Activities that develop sense of civic responsibility

o   Activities that encourage collaborative decision-making skills

Proposals should focus on instructional program related activities and may include items such as instructional materials, supplies, equipment’s, and related expenses. These grants are not for personnel expenses or stipends, including food, drinks, or other consumables. The key guiding directive is it must relate to instruction. Direct your questions regarding eligibility, procedure, or the process to the Chamber Office at (909) 822-4433.

Please click here to download the Best B.E.T. Application. 

Please summit only the completed application with no other materials attached. If you are collaborating with other teachers, please attach a list of all of the applying teachers. The application content and information must be completed fully on the application to be considered. The application may also be found on the Chamber of Commerce website (


This year the timeline and guidelines will be strictly followed as outlined. Applications submitted beyond the deadline will not be considered unless special circumstances are confirmed by your Principal.


Applications should be submitted directly to the Fontana Chamber of Commerce via mail (8491 Sierra Avenue, Fontana, CA 92335), email

( ) or fax (909-822-6238).


The timeline for the 2011-2012 Best BET Mini-Grant Application process is:


November 14, 2011                Information and Applications distributed by Fontana Chamber of Commerce office


December 16, 2011                Deadline for applications returned to Fontana

Chamber of Commerce Office


January 3, 2012                       Notification mailed to selected recipients


January 2012                           Awardees announced at a FUSD Board meeting


Schedule allowing, recipient teachers may be asked to give brief presentations at Chamber meetings or meetings of service clubs who are major donors.




Eric Bishop

Eric Bishop

Education/Outreach Committee Chair

Fontana Chamber of Commerce